Informational Materials

Environmental Conditions

The approved Broome Street Development FEIS included a chapter on Hazardous Materials which outlined existing conditions as well as protocol to address any concerns relating to hazardous materials on the unimproved parking lot (Lot 75) and the former synagogue site (Lot 37). In order to ensure compliance with documented protocols, the proposed special permit actions included an (E) designation for hazardous materials. The FEIS noted that compliance in association with the hazardous materials (E) Designation is typically conducted under the administration of the New York City’s OER. Additionally, the FEIS indicated that the developer would also explore a potential enrollment in the NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP).

As is common with any new construction project, a number of rounds of environmental investigations have been completed on the property from 2017 through 2020. Investigations on the Suffolk Building site revealed that historical operations at the property included a printing operation between 1905 and 1950, a coppersmith and tinsmith in or about 1920, and a laundry services from 1922 - 1968. As is also common on many sites in New York City, historic fill soil was added to the site to make the ground level.  Since these soils typically contained fragments of coal and ash, since coal was the main source of electricity and power, the soil on this property, along with many other sites in the City, requires excavation and special handling.  As prior investigations identified the presence of historic fill, the developer, enlisted the property in the BCP, which is designed to have the state environmental and health agencies oversee the cleanup work.

Documentation outlining investigation findings and proposed site remediation can be accessed via the link below:

DEC Brownfields Cleanup Program Documents