Broome Street

A new intergenerational mixed income residential community featuring 488 new rental homes in the Lower East Side including permanent facilities for the Chinese-American Planning Council and Beth Hamedrash Synagogue

our Vision

For 55 years the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) has provided vital services to the Lower East Side community. We envision a future Lower East Side that is accessible to all, supportive of our most vulnerable populations and is a model in affordable housing, catering to a diverse range of incomes and ensuring affordability for future generations. To achieve this, we know CPC must expand its education, family support, and economic empowerment services that will complement CPC’s existing senior housing program. It is for this future that CPC has embarked on a long-term visioning and planning process to develop a new headquarters and community center which will allow the organization to remain an anchor of the Lower East Side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?


The application period has now closed. Please visit NYC Housing Connect for 55 Suffolk Street and 64 Norfolk Street for further information.

What happens with my application?


After you apply on the NYC Housing Connect website, you will be assigned a random number, known as your “lottery log number." These numbers are unique and unaffected by the order in which you submit your information. After the randomized lottery log is generated, applicants will be contacted to review their application materials with an agent who will confirm their eligibility.

How do I find my log number?


Please visit your dashboard on NYC Housing Connect for more information on your status. Note that it takes several weeks after the application period has closed for your log number to be assigned.

When will I hear back?


It may take several months to hear back from the NYC Housing Connect lottery system. See “What Happens With My Application” above for further details.

What if there are changes to my household income or household size once I’ve submitted an application?


Applicants may update their household information up until the point that their application is selected for processing.

What is the status of my application?


Please visit your dashboard on NYC Housing Connect for the latest updates about your application.


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at

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Founded in 1965 in the Lower East Side, CPC is a social services organization that creates positive social change. We empower Asian American, immigrant, and low-income communities in New York City by ensuring they have equitable access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive.

Today, CPC is the nation's largest Asian American social services organization and we are the trusted partner to more than 60,000 individuals and families striving to achieve goals in their education, family, community and career.

We welcome community members at every stage of life to over 50 high-quality programs at 33 sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Through all of our services, we empower New Yorkers to become agents of positive change in their own lives and in their communities.

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Gotham has over 100 years of experience constructing and developing high quality mixed-use buildings throughout New York. The Gotham team has deep experience in a multitude of programs and strategies to create affordable housing ranging from utilization of capital subsidies, public private partnerships, inclusionary housing, renovations and preservation of historic buildings, to new construction on public or private land.

The company has a long history of developing innovative partnerships with New York institutions to build affordable housing, schools, community facilities and cultural spaces.

Following development and construction, its in-house property management division seamlessly transitions into ongoing building and community management for our affordable developments, operating vibrant communities in stable, financially successful buildings.

The Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue holds a special place in Jewish history. It is considered the oldest Russian Orthodox Jewish Congregation in the United States.

At its height, the Congregation had a membership of over 1,400 members and served more than 250,000 worshipers from around the country.